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Spa Policies

Arrive 10 minutes early
Arriving early allows you extra time to complete a consultation form, change ready for your treatment and address any concerns you might have with your therapist before your treatment begins. Arriving late might mean that you miss out on experiencing your whole treatment time, which due to other appointments, might have to end earlier than we would like.

Silence your phone
Taking a call, listening to music and playing games, (yes it does happen), kills off the tranquillity we are trying to help you achieve. Switching your phone onto silent or vibrate will help limit distractions, which is an important part of the relaxation experience.

Please ensure you bring underwear or swimming shorts/bikini with you to your appointment. You will be asked to get undressed leaving on your underwear and get underneath the sheet/towel on the bed. Women can remove their bras if they wish.
We do not offer undraped appointments, though some therapists are happy for clients to remove their underwear underneath the towel, this is down to the therapist’s personal choice and should always be respected.

Inside voice
Other clients may be in the spa at the time of your treatment, so we ask that you remain respectful and keep speaking quiet as to not interrupt their treatments. Some clients may wish to speak to their therapist throughout the treatment which is fine, but shouting, laughing and bad language are a no-no and can ruin the atmosphere for other clients.

Massage therapists thrive when given feedback. Please speak to your therapist through the treatment should you wish to have more or less pressure or have an area that you would like to focus on. We always want our clients to have the best experience possible and it is important to tell your therapist how you are feeling during the treatment to allow the therapist to adapt the treatment to suit you better.

Tidy up after yourself
Place used robes, towels and flip-flops in the appropriate containers, or on top of beds rather than leaving them in a pile on the floor. If you’ve left a big clump of hair in the shower drain or have used tissues or rubbish, throw them in the trash please.

Young children stay at home
Spas are places of quiet, calm and relaxation. Asking to bring in a young child in can put the staff in an uncomfortable position and lead to complaints from the other clients. A spa is not the right atmosphere for a young child who would generally be happier running around and playing. We can offer massage for children under 16 with a parent present in the room, and this is the only occasion when a child should be inside the spa.

Extra services
We offer professional treatments only and do not offer ‘extra services’, please do not ask verbally or proposition your therapist for ‘extras’ while you are alone in the room. Doing so can cause embarrassment to both parties and distress to the therapist causing the treatment to come to an end if the therapist feels like you are acting inappropriately. For more information, please see our Sexual Harassment Towards Staff Policy.

Appropriate behaviour
Due to the very nature of their work, therapists carry out treatments in a room usually with a single client, therefore it is important that both parties understand what actions are deemed appropriate when in a treatment room.

Touch only goes one way – the therapists will touch the client to carry out the treatment; the client is never to touch the therapist. The therapist will never touch the private area of the client.

Underwear and draping – all clients are to wear underwear, unless the therapist is comfortable for the client to remove their underwear. Every client is to be draped by a towel or sheet. It is acceptable to ask the therapist to change the covering if you (the client) are too warm or uncomfortable, though it is not okay to remove it yourself.

Talking – speaking to your therapist during the treatment is okay, though neither party should directly ask personal questions or make sexual comments or innuendos which could cause embarrassment or discomfort to either party.

Inappropriate Behaviour
Inappropriate behaviour is deemed as unwelcomed and unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, unwanted physical contact, stalking and other sexual and/or homophobic remarks, innuendos and lewd jokes and any physically inappropriate behaviour that in any way makes the therapist feel unsafe.

Exposing yourself – either not covering yourself with a drape or intentionally removing it during a treatment to expose your private area.

Touching yourself – at any point during the treatment will be viewed as a sexual act.
Touching the therapist – not at any time should you touch, grab or stoke the therapist. Clients should keep their arms under the drape at all times and hands flat against the table.

Derogatory or sexist comments – asking or propositioning your therapist for ‘extra services’ and any sexually descriptive language or innuendo which can make the therapist feel unsafe in the environment.

Crossing the Boundaries
Whether physically, verbally or both, crossing the boundaries set out above may lead to the treatment coming to an end and the client being banned from returning to the spa.

We take aggression and sexual harassment against staff, therapists and members of the public very seriously and will take legal action against clients when we deem necessary to do so. If a client is deemed to have crossed the boundaries set above, the therapist will immediately stop the treatment and reinforce that the behaviour is not appropriate.

If it was a genuine mistake then after reinforcing the boundaries on what is acceptable behaviour the treatment can continue, but if a further incident occurs the therapist will leave the room and the client will be asked to get dressed and leave the spa.
If the client makes a genuine mistake during the treatment, they should apologise that it was not their intent, then the incident will not be taken any further.

Unintentional Arousal
We understand that touch can sometimes lead to arousal in both male and female clients. If it does not cause the client discomfort or embarrassment then the therapist will not draw attention to it to save any possible embarrassment. However, if the therapist feels uncomfortable or the client displays other verbal or nonverbal behaviours that could indicate sexual intent, the therapist may speak to the client to attain whether it is merely a touch response or part of a sexual desire.

Client History
Each occurrence of inappropriate behaviour will be noted in the client’s personal record. This will detail the therapists account of events and will be kept on the client record indefinitely.

Depending on the severity of the incident, it may be overlooked, an alternative therapist might be allocated to the client for future appointments, or the client might be informed they are no longer welcome to visit the spa. At any point, we have the right to inform the police.
In all cases, our therapists wellbeing is paramount to us and we will always do what we can to ensure they are able to practice in a safe and secure environment.

Sexual Assault
Any client who inappropriately touches a therapist in their private area or tries to sexually assault a therapist will be immediately banned from the premises and the police will be contacted with the view to press charges against the client. Full client details and CCTV evidence from all areas of the premises will be made available to the police for an investigation.

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